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Arago provides own snapshots of OpenEmbedded .dev branch and slightly modified upstream BitBake - those are available in the arago-oe-dev and arago-bitbake repositories.

The reason for providing own snapshot of OpenEmbedded .dev branch is to ensure it builds and works with the Arago overlay. The nature of the OE .dev development branch is that it moves rapidly and some new features may be too invasive, changing old interfaces, breaking overlays like Arago, which depend on them. Normally, arago-oe-dev gets synced up with upstream weekly, unless there is a breakage which needs to be addressed.

Arago's BitBake repository is based on the upstream BitBake with few modifications, allowing it to work from behind very strict firewalls.

It is possible to use upstream versions of OE .dev and BitBake, if you know what you are doing and above mentioned issues don't scare you.

BitBake's bin/ directory should be in your PATH environment variable:

$ export PATH=/path/to/upstream/bitbake/bin:$PATH

OpenEmbedded .dev snapshot is specified by BBPATH variable, which is set by arago/setenv script. As well as listed in the COLLECTIONS variable, set by the arago/conf/local.conf. Update those files accordingly, to point to your own OE .dev snapshot:

export BBPATH=$OEBASE/arago:$OEBASE/openembedded
COLLECTIONS = "${OEBASE}/arago/ ${OEBASE}/openembedded/"

Attention! This is considered an advanced use of Arago and if anything fails, please first try reverting back to provided snapshots before reporting issues.

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