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HTTP and FTP transports can be configured with the environment variables:

$ export http_proxy=proxyhost:port
$ export ftp_proxy=proxyhost:port

Some internal hosts don't need to go through the proxy:

$ export no_proxy=host1,host2


Subversion/svn proxy is configured in ~/.subversion/servers file:

http-proxy-host = proxyhost
http-proxy-port = port


git needs a helper application/script to work through the proxy. One needs to create such script, following this example:

(echo "CONNECT $1:$2 HTTP/1.0"; echo; cat ) | /usr/bin/nc $PROXYHOST $PROXYPORT | (read a; read a; cat )

In order for git to use the above script, GIT_PROXY_COMMAND environment variable needs to point to it:

$ export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND=/path/to/
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