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What's Opentest Client

It is a command line interface to the Opentest test automation framework written in Java.

How to install it

  1. Install STAF
    1. Download software from STAF
    2. Start STAF: /usr/local/staf/ (only required once. Could be added to PC init sequence)
  2. Install Opentest client
    1. wget
    2. tar xvzf opentest_cli_0.7.tar.gz
  3. Edit STAF configuration to allow communication w/ TIGT subnet. Add following lines to /usr/local/staf/bin/STAG.cfg:
trust machine local://local level 5
trust machine ssl*://158.218.*.* level 5
trust machine ssl*://10.218.*.* level 5

How to use it

Opentest client allows you to run your own tests scripts or testplans defined in Testlink

  • Running your own scripts
    • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --hw platform=<name,capabilities> --sw kernel=<local path or remote (url) to kernel image>~kernel_modules=~nfs=<nfs path or fs tarball> --user <email address> --params script=<local path to your test shell script> --template penguin. For example:
    • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --hw platform=beagleboard,linux --sw kernel=/tftpboot/build1/beagle/uImage~kernel_modules=~nfs= --user --params script=/home/a0850405local/code/local/linux/ --template penguin
  • Running Test Plans defined in Testlink
    • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --hw platform=beagleboard,linux --sw kernel=<kernel path>~kernel_modules=~nfs=<filesystem path> --user <email addr> --testplan <Testlink's project:testplan> --report MATRIX:HTML. For example:
    • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --hw platform=beagleboard,linux --sw kernel=/tftpboot/build1/beagle/uImage~kernel_modules=~nfs=/home/a0850405local/fs/beagle.tar.gz --user --testplan linux_psp2:beagleboard_psp_nightly_test --report MATRIX:HTML

More information

  • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --help
  • java -jar opentest_cli_0.7.jar --help penguin
  • Check the README file in the Opentest Client root directory
  • Ask for help at
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