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^Opentest Home
For Installation Instructions, please see Opentest Installation

12.03 Release

Opentest 12.03 is available at 12.03 installer

New Features / Bug Fixes

  1. Opentest Client (Command Line Interface to Opentest Framework) is now available under STAF project
  2. New VATF-Scripts command translation library to handle command syntax differences across uboot and linux versions
  3. New VATF Code Composer Studio (CCS) Connection type to control targets using JTAG connection and CCS/Debug Server Scripting. See CCS + Opentest for details.
  4. Resource Management Fixes/Enhancements
    1. Recover from case where allocated TEE is not properly shutdown while the tests are in progress
    2. Fix bug handling group logic
  5. TEE Adapter Fixes/Enhancements
    1. Fix zero-byte race condition while processing results file
    2. Support case-sensitive git TAGs when clonning vatf-scripts
  6. Started Integration of ReqPro with Testlink (WIP, completion plan for 12.06 release)
  7. New Opentest Installer capable of installing all Opentest components (TMS, TMC, TEEs and BEEs)
  8. New Opentest Wiki Opentest Main
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