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Description of standard Custom fields added to Testlink and expected by VATF TEE.

Custom Field name Usage Example
params_chan Device-Under-Test-related parameters. Multiple parameters are separated by commas. i.e. p1=v1,p2=v2 etc. buffer_size=16 32 64 128 1024,dev_node=/dev/i2c-1,file_size=1024
params_control Application-related parameters. They are typically used to control the application or test script flow test_iterations=10
params_equip Test-Equipment-related parameters interface=composite,dvd_track=2
hw_assets_config Required hardware assets to run the test. Multiple values are separated by semicolon. Format used: hw_reference=["HW type",capabilities]. Capabilities are optional and they are composed of zero or more tags separated by underscore dut1 = ["dm355",mmc_usbslave];apc1 = ["apc_power_controller"];server1 = ["linux_server"]

This example means this test needs one dm355, one apc power controller and linux server

scripts Test script or logic to run this test LSP\default_test_script.rb
tee Test execution engine vatf
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