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This page just documents the Testlink keyword conventions used by TI
Using keywords in test cases is optional and it does not affect test execution.

There are 2 types of test case keywords, 1) core and 2) project-specific keywords.

The core keywords are common across all projects. Each test case can have multiple key words attached to

Core Keywords:

  • To represent type of tests: t_functional, t_performance, t_stress, t_usecase, t_compliance, t_doc, t_oobe
  • To represent scope: s_sanity, s_basic, s_full, s_regression
  • To represent platform: p_<platform name>, i.e. p_dm6446, p_dm355, …
  • To represent OS: os_<os name>, i.e. os_linux, os_wince, os_dspbios, os_qnx, os_pros
  • To represent QA approval: qa_approved

Project-specific keywords:
Its usage might be specific to a given test suite or test project.
Its usage/purpose should be described in the Test Suite’s details field.
Should be prefix with x_. words should be separated by _. For example, x_dvsdk_dem

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