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This page just document some naming conventions used at TI to reference platforms types and its capabilities and to reference different types of test equipment


Hardware Asset Types

Device Under Tests

   am335x-evm   omap5-evm
   am335x-sk    dra7xx-evm
   am180x-evm   beagleboard
   am181x-evm   beaglebone
   am3517-evm   beaglebone-black

Test Equipment

linux_server, multimeter, power_controller, usb_switch, dvd, camera, tv, audioplayer, mts4e, videoclarity, pqa500, pesq, spectralab

Hardware Assets Capabilities

Operating System Related

linux, android, wince

Video Related

videocapturentsc, videocapturepal, videocapture720p, videocapture1080i, videocapture1080p

USB Related

usbhostmsc, usbhosthid, usbhostaudio, usbhostvideo, usbgadgetfbs, usbgadgetcdc, usbgadgetndis, usbgadgetasync

Storage Related

nand2k, nand4k, sd, sdhc, mmc, sata

Ethernet Related


Hardware Version Related

pg<version> For example: am335x-evm_pg2.1

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