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Arago Project Main Page

Arago Project is an open integration, build, and test framework and infrastructure that provides a portal into how Texas Instruments creates customer ready Linux SDKs, such as AM-SDK, MC-SDK, EZ-SDK etc. all collectively called TI-SDK.

Arago Project is a set of layers (i.e. meta-ti for BSP and meta-arago for Distro and Apps) for OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project, which targets current and some legacy TI platforms based on ARM processors and SoCs such as OMAP, Sitara, DaVinci, Keystone etc. and provides a verified, tested and supported subset of packages, built with free and open toolchains.

Many users will want to use the official SDK products from the TI software download page. Others will want the cutting edge of using upstream OpenEmbedded or Angstrom distributions. Arago serves the middle ground where an advanced user wishes to get a peek into an upcoming release or to peek under the hood of an existing release. A vendor may wish to create addons that are known to work with TI SDKs or you may wish to duplicate some of our testing for your customized board.

Note: Some of the pages on this Wiki apply to the old version of the Arago Project, which is based on the Classic OpenEmbedded. There are some legacy products still being shipped that use Classic Arago. The current version of the Arago Project is based on OpenEmbedded-Core and the Yocto Project. The corresponding pages and sections of this Wiki will be updated over time.


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