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Q: Why do some image recipes require MACHINE definition?

For example

$ bitbake x11-image

results in this error

| ============================================================================
| Arago is a virtual machine for multiple platforms and it can't have a kernel
| Please specify MACHINE=... on the command line with the actual machine name
| for which to build the kernel, e.g. MACHINE=omap3evm bitbake virtual/kernel
| ============================================================================
  • A: The reason is because upstream images (e.g. x11-image and opie-image) depend on kernel modules.

This brings in the whole kernel in to the build. But in Arago the default machine is "arago", which is a unified OMAP/DaVinci virtual machine and has a protection against building an unknown kernel. Specific kernels are supposed to be built with proper machine specified through the MACHINE= variable. That also prevents kernel images from getting into /boot directory of the filesystem.

One way for you would be to build a machine-specific filesystem image by setting MACHINE= to something meaningful, like davinci-dvevm:

$ MACHINE=davinci-dvevm bitbake x11-image

Q: Is there a mailing list or IRC channel?

  • A: #arago IRC channel is now available on irc.freenode.net - you can find me (denix) there as well as on other relative channels, like #oe, #beagle and #gst_ti, and those channels usually populated with smart and helpful people.

Q: How can I modify a single package and rebuild without modifying any other parts of the filesystem?

  • A:

Q: How do I add a new package?

  • A:

Q: Is there a simple way to add an open source package without learning Arago?

  • A:

Q: How can I reduce the build time?

  • A:

Please feel free to subscribe to the arago-devel mailing list for all the development, usage, announcements and while the volume is low, any other general discussions:


Alternatively, you can send an email to the arago-devel-request@gforge.ti.com

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