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Q: Why do some image recipes require MACHINE definition?

For example

$ bitbake x11-image

results in this error

| ============================================================================
| Arago is a virtual machine for multiple platforms and it can't have a kernel
| Please specify MACHINE=... on the command line with the actual machine name
| for which to build the kernel, e.g. MACHINE=omap3evm bitbake virtual/kernel
| ============================================================================
  • A: The reason is because upstream images (e.g. x11-image and opie-image) depend on kernel modules.

This brings in the whole kernel in to the build. But in Arago the default machine is "arago", which is a unified OMAP/DaVinci virtual machine and has a protection against building an unknown kernel. Specific kernels are supposed to be built with proper machine specified through the MACHINE= variable. That also prevents kernel images from getting into /boot directory of the filesystem.

One way for you would be to build a machine-specific filesystem image by setting MACHINE= to something meaningful, like davinci-dvevm:

$ MACHINE=davinci-dvevm bitbake x11-image

Q: Is there a mailing list or IRC channel?

  • A: #arago IRC channel is now available on irc.freenode.net - you can find me (denix) there as well as on other relative channels, like #oe, #beagle and #gst_ti, and those channels usually populated with smart and helpful people.

Mailing list and other community services, like bug and feature trackers, forums etc. are being setup, but there is some slight delay, please be patient. Meanwhile, you can contact me directly at denis (at) denix (dot) org

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