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This page is for keeping track of features in the Arago overlay that have been submitted to the OpenEmbedded mainline. This is so that they can be removed from the Arago overlay once they have been accepted into the OE mainline and been picked up in the OE snapshot of Arago.

Recipe/File list Arago commit id Submitted to OE (y/n) OE commit id OE commit date
classes/distribute_license.bbclass 9a0c9ac17ef38b19e0bfff2bfc8288f362732265 y 5e75fa8c1b28055b610eb47ba5d3368a16810aa4 July 30 2010
recipes/x-load y d90020bab78b45729ae05fcdb993bcac99199767 July 29 2010
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