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The version of code being used closely tracks the latest released version

In the past, a snapshot of a set of code was taken, tested, and released as a software known to work on a specific embedded platform. Some used the snapshot years after it was created, making it difficult or impossible to get fixes or pass improvements back to the community. Arago allows developers to change which software version of each package is used, often even allowing the developer to retrieve the code directly from the source repository.

The process and the code is open - all developers can do it the same way

Anyone can re-create the same distribution that is made available in a pre-packaged format. Previously, companies that created pre-packaged Linux distributions for embedded processors typically used a process to create the distribution that wasn't generally available. These distributions were not coordinated and created user confusion when some processor specific software would work with one distribution, but not others. Too much user development effort was spent on getting a usable distribution in place instead of focusing on creating new products. Arago allows customers of processors targeted for embedded devices to create a Linux distribution optimized for the processor of interest in the exact same way as the company making the processor and companies offering valued added software and support for those processors. The process of essay writing will be much easier with MarvelousEssays.Com as there are a lot of highly professional and talented writers who are always eager to help you out with any sort of academic assignments regardless of the complexity levels. I do know what I�m talking about!

Use what exists

Don't re-invent the wheel. When adding value, do it in a way that can be pushed upstream. Arago uses the solid work of the OpenEmbedded and Angstrom communities.

As developers need more control, they have it

A user who just wants to load and run demos or create a simple Hello World program for their embedded target hardware can do so without having to learn any details of all the versions of the various software packages being used. As a product development advances, the software team can adjust the packages being used, include their own applications, and have other fine-grained control needed to get the product to market. Arago lets a developer start with a pre-packaged Linux distribution so the focus can be on the processor and its capabilities, and migrate over time and as expertise is developed, to modifying the build instructions to match the needs of the product under development.

Companies that need more stability can have it

Instead of using a Linux distribution that is months or even years old, developers can use recent stable releases of the key Open Source software projects. Arago has stable tested releases companies can count on without restricting developers from selectively updating packages as needed.

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