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  • TestLink sources are maintained in a GIT project hosted at [1]
  • STAF sources are not maintained on our GIT projects because we are primarily writing new custom STAF services on top of the basic STAF infrastructure rather than modifying the basic STAF infrastructure. The STAF sources are available from STAF home page. The custom STAF services are maintained in GIT project hosted at [2]
  • VATF TEE sources are split in two GIT projects. One project hosted at [3] contains the VATF core and another project hosted at [4] contains the VATF test scripts used to test different products such as Wince BSP, Android DevKits, Video Gateway DevKits and others.

Related Projects

  • LTP-DDT sources are hosted at [5]. LTP-DDT is based on LTP but focus primarily on Device Driver Testing.

For more information about LTP-DDT, please see [6]

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