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16.10 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Assigned resources are also pinged, this protects against request never ending due to TEEs/BEEs crashing
  • Retries added when releasing BEEs in TEEs to protect against network issues
  • Callback notifications are more robust
  • Intra TMC resource request contain more info which helps debugging
  • Opentestclient and Testlink API implemented to be able to run One or more Test-suites/Test cases from a test plan
  • Fix for Opentestclient hang problem when running templates

16.08 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Moved to new Architecture
  • Updated Opentest Client
  • Opentest Framework
    • New Architecture implemented Opentest Architecture
      • Merge Dispatcher and Resource Manager into one service
      • TlWriter moved from TMC to TEE systems
      • TEE run test command changed
      • TESTDONE command implemented in the Dispatcher to report when a test request has completed
    • Optional eventEmail registration parm in Dispatcher, this email address is used to report when a resource has been removed from the list due to lack of response to ping
    • CALLBACK option implemented in testsession start command, this option enables notification of a test session completed message via the queue service instead of peridically polling the dispatcher for the testsession status
    • TEE now sets a <TEE name>/execLog staf var pointing to the execution log when servicing a request

13.07 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client, fix bugs
  • Opentest Framework
    • Fix Problem in BEEs for assets whose md5sum start with 0
    • Allow the use of "." In hardware assets for TEEs.
    • Fixed error during simultaneous copy of the same software assets by multiple BEEs.

13.06 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client, fix bugs
  • Opentest Enhance user experience
    • Release BEE after 1 hr.
    • Timeout waiting for BEE after 1d.
    • Fixed Bug in BEEs

13.05 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client

12.03 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Opentest Client (Command Line Interface to Opentest Framework) is now available under STAF project
  • New VATF-Scripts command translation library to handle command syntax differences across uboot and linux versions
  • New VATF Code Composer Studio (CCS) Connection type to control targets using JTAG connection and CCS/Debug Server Scripting. See CCS + Opentest for details.
  • Resource Management Fixes/Enhancements
    • Recover from case where allocated TEE is not properly shutdown while the tests are in progress
    • Fix bug handling group logic
  • TEE Adapter Fixes/Enhancements
    • Fix zero-byte race condition while processing results file
    • Support case-sensitive git TAGs when clonning vatf-scripts
  • Started Integration of ReqPro with Testlink (WIP, completion plan for 12.06 release)
  • New Opentest Installer capable of installing all Opentest components (TMS, TMC, TEEs and BEEs)
  • New Opentest Wiki Opentest Main
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