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New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Fix adapter not releasing the BEE. Sometimes the TeeAdapter was not releasing the BEE allocated to it. (Only affects requests that were transferring fetching software assetts)
  • Remove number of testcases queued limitation. The dispatcher pending queue will no longer be limited by the number of test cases. Starting in this version the limit will be based on the number of test sessions queued.
  • Make type optional in listpending. The listpending command also be used without the type option, when used this way it will list all pending resoure request for all types of resource
  • Allow multiple groups for a resource. You can now register a TEE in more than one group
  • Handle redirections in Http requests. The http BEEs are now able to handle redirections
  • Reopen log file if size > 100MiB. All components in opentest will now saved the current log file and open a new log file when the size of the log file is >= 100MiB
  • Handle duplicate capabilities. The Dispatcher will now consider repeated capabilities as separate capabilities

16.10 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Assigned resources are also pinged, this protects against request never ending due to TEEs/BEEs crashing
  • Retries added when releasing BEEs in TEEs to protect against network issues
  • Callback notifications are more robust
  • Intra TMC resource request contain more info which helps debugging
  • Opentestclient and Testlink API implemented to be able to run One or more Test-suites/Test cases from a test plan
  • Fix for Opentestclient hang problem when running templates

16.08 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Moved to new Architecture
  • Updated Opentest Client
  • Opentest Framework
    • New Architecture implemented Opentest Architecture
      • Merge Dispatcher and Resource Manager into one service
      • TlWriter moved from TMC to TEE systems
      • TEE run test command changed
      • TESTDONE command implemented in the Dispatcher to report when a test request has completed
    • Optional eventEmail registration parm in Dispatcher, this email address is used to report when a resource has been removed from the list due to lack of response to ping
    • CALLBACK option implemented in testsession start command, this option enables notification of a test session completed message via the queue service instead of peridically polling the dispatcher for the testsession status
    • TEE now sets a <TEE name>/execLog staf var pointing to the execution log when servicing a request

13.07 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client, fix bugs
  • Opentest Framework
    • Fix Problem in BEEs for assets whose md5sum start with 0
    • Allow the use of "." In hardware assets for TEEs.
    • Fixed error during simultaneous copy of the same software assets by multiple BEEs.

13.06 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client, fix bugs
  • Opentest Enhance user experience
    • Release BEE after 1 hr.
    • Timeout waiting for BEE after 1d.
    • Fixed Bug in BEEs

13.05 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Updated Opentest Client

12.03 Release

New Features / Bug Fixes

  • Opentest Client (Command Line Interface to Opentest Framework) is now available under STAF project
  • New VATF-Scripts command translation library to handle command syntax differences across uboot and linux versions
  • New VATF Code Composer Studio (CCS) Connection type to control targets using JTAG connection and CCS/Debug Server Scripting. See CCS + Opentest for details.
  • Resource Management Fixes/Enhancements
    • Recover from case where allocated TEE is not properly shutdown while the tests are in progress
    • Fix bug handling group logic
  • TEE Adapter Fixes/Enhancements
    • Fix zero-byte race condition while processing results file
    • Support case-sensitive git TAGs when clonning vatf-scripts
  • Started Integration of ReqPro with Testlink (WIP, completion plan for 12.06 release)
  • New Opentest Installer capable of installing all Opentest components (TMS, TMC, TEEs and BEEs)
  • New Opentest Wiki Opentest Main
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